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Co-owner of Tawandang Brew House

   Khun Supoj Teerawattanachai, the co-owner of Tawandang Brew House, declares that the success of the business was not achieved by coincidence, but from the experiences and lessons learned for more than 30 years in commerce since he started up his career from a small snack shop when he was in 4th grade, and experienced through an apparel shop until once his factory was shut with debt of 29.8 Million Baht. Although that was the worst time of his life, he did not give up with the fate and could clear up those debts within 3 years. 

   Another turning point of Khun Supoj’s life began when he once jumped into food and beverage industry and founded the first branch of Tawandang Brew House on Rama 3 road with Khun Sathien Setthasit after his real estate business was attacked by the Economic Crisis in 1997. 

   There are 5 key success factors for the Brew House which are; 1) on-site brewed beer with the authentic recipe and brewing technology from Germany by German brewer, 2) The taste of the food that just right for Thai people, 3) Chillaxing atmosphere, 4) Good, fast, and cozy services, 5) Thai style entertainment under the controls of the famous entertainment director, Mr. Bruce Gaston, and “Fong Nam” band.
The important characteristics that were applied to the working system are below.
   1. Sincerity- to confront all the situations, events, problems, facts, subordinates, and companions sincerely.
   2. Endurance or the character of 「忍」 in Chinese- to overcome any obstacles wisely.
   3. Justice- either in aspects of governance or commerce, justice is needed for all stakeholders. 
Although Khun Supoj was hit by the biggest obstacle, the depreciation of Thai Baht in 1997, which almost collapsed his business and really exhausted him out, however, he could eventually get through the event and achieve today’s success because of his faith in “Endurance” or 「忍」.
  Company Address: 77/254 Rajthevi Tower 19th Floor, Petchburi Rd. Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400
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